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April 13, 2009
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Naruko Uzumaki awoke slowly as a ray of sunlight made it's way through one of the cracks in her curtains sleeping woman's eyes. She squinted a few times, trying to get the blinding glare from her eyes, gave a yawn, began to stretch and took in a big gulp of air. Only one thought ringing over and over again through her bedraggled mind.

"Kami it's sooo boring around here," she said, the words mixing with yet another small yawn, "I haven't had a mission for weeks now!" she said, now completely yelling in anger and as a way to release some of her repressed energy. She merely sat on her bed, surveying the large mess now resting on her once-clean floor, great, now she would have to clean on top of it all..

"I know," she exclaimed suddenly, (not to mention, very loudly), causing several people outside of her apartment to jump in fright, "I'll go find Hinata-chan, I'm sure we can find some way to have fun!" It was a great idea, it would definitely alleviate her boredom. Not to mention get rid of her obligation to clean anything.

She hopped into the shower, dried off, got a change of clothes and made her way out. Naruko took a half hour to wander around her city (yes her city!), and of course get ramen. After about ten bowels, all gargled up in about five minutes, to the utter astonishment of several onlookers, she finally moved for her real destination, the Hyuuga complex. She walked through the giant doors rather easily, she was here so much that the guards had stopped checking her, she was almost the adopted daughter really.

"Hello Hanabi!" said Naruko as she noticed Hinata's younger sister walking through the hall toward her. Hanabi had grown at an almost worrying rate since the first time Naruko had seen her, most likely due to her very premature and very extensive training with her father. Combine that with Hanabi's sometimes vicious attitude and you got one hell of a fighter...and person. Point being, Hanabi was now almost level, if not the same height as Naruko, not to mention a slightly taller than her sister. It was rather weird seeing the girl who used to only come up to your stomach now rival you in height. Naruko often wondered how Hinata felt about her younger sister being taller than her.

"Hello Naruko, I assume you're here to see my sister?"

"Yeah I am, but how are you? I haven't seen you around for ages."

"Great, father finally left us here alone, well forgetting the guards and branch family but still... it was something about important business in another country or something like that." She punctuated this statement with a nonchalant wave of her hand.

"So it must be fun around here without him." said Naruko glancing around the giant mansion, really the Hyuuga's father was just too uptight when it came to every little thing. Though somehow Naruko felt that was her fault. Really, how was she supposed to know that he was allergic to miso-pork ramen? She had apologized so many times by now yet he still treated everything she did as an attempt on his life.

"...and he's always treating us like kids" Naruko heard, causing her to snap back to what was going on, "sure he says that it's for our safety but we are definitely old enough to take care of ourselves." Naruko found this a bit weird for Hanabi to say, since she was still about thirteen but there was no need to get her mad. Her age seemed to be a hot-button issue for her.

"Of course, also, could you point me in the direction of Hinata's room, no matter how many times I come here, I always get confused." she said, blushing and rubbing the back of her head.

"All the way down there and take a right, after that, seventh door on the left." said Hanabi as she pointed down the long hallway they were both standing in and she began to walk in the opposite direction. Naruko wasn't sure why, maybe she just imagined it, but she could have sworn she heard Hanabi give a small, evil snicker as they began walking in their separate directions. Naruko reached the end of the hallway and mentally began counting the doors. Finally she reached seven, 'It was seven right?' she then mentally chided herself for her horrid lack of memory. She sighed and hoped for the best as she opened the door very slowly.

She peered onto the Hyuuga heiress's bed (thank Kami this was the right room!), there seemed to be a mass of blanket all at rather weird angles, making a makeshift cocoon. Typical Hinata, always sleeping in when she could manage it, well she knew what would happen if Naruko Uzumaki saw her best friend sound asleep in her bed. But she had to test this first.

"Hinata,"she whispered a softly as she could,


No sound, no voice telling Naruko to leave her alone while she was sleeping. Good. Naruko crept over to the massive bed as quietly and slowly as she dared. Finally when she was only about a foot away from the bed she tried once more.


'Well all's fair in love and...whatever.' thought Naruko. And with that she dive bombed the bed, not meaning to hurt her friend, but definitely wanting her to think that the world was ending. However she was not met with the feeling of her friend's frame, but merely with sheets, hundreds and hundreds of sheets. But no Hinata. So where was she, had she gone somewhere, or had Hanabi lied? And that's when she heard it,


A sound like a person trying to talk through a gag. Naruko turned around and was met with a strange sight, Hyuuga Hinata was hanging from her own door hook by her panties, slowly revolving, both arms and both legs tied together with what looked like tape, gagged obviously. Naruko merely stared for a moment, startled by what she saw, then everything that was happening finally registered with her.

Naruko did what any best friend would do if they were in the same situation. She rolled around on her friend's gargantuan bed, completely shacking with laughter, she couldn't help it, just the overall spectacle of what was happening was hilarious. Finally when she felt her ribs were going to crack from the unending laughter she sat up. Hinata's rear was now facing her as she continued her arduous rotation on the hook. Naruko almost burst into laughing once more but controlled it this time.

She got up and walked over to her friend, she could actually see the panties clearer now, they were a nice mix of lavender and white, really, they created a very relaxing effect, especially the fabric, Naruko unconsciously reached a hand toward the nice looking fabric but just as suddenly she stopped. Naruko shook her head slightly at what she had almost done, and finally addressed her friend.

"So who did this to you Hina-chan?" she said in a rather meaner voice than she meant, she really couldn't help herself. And as Hinata uttered another flurry of agitated "Mmph"'s. Naruko reached out her left hand and gave Hinata's rear a small pinch. Hinata gave a loud squeak and Naruko was sure she was becoming rather sad that her friend wasn't helping her in her time of need. She sighed and grabbed one of Hinata's tied arms and turned her friend to face her. She reached behind her friends head and undid the knot that made the basis of her friends gag so that it fell to the floor.

"Thank you Naruko-chan." said Hinata as she took a small gulp of air.

"S'alright, so, how'd this happen to you Hina?

"Well, I had just finished dressing when Hanabi sneaked up behind me, tied my arms and legs like this, gagged me and see." she finished with a small nod to the hook she was still dangling from, her face slowly turning even redder.

"Wow, I had no idea that Hanabi was so mean, any idea why she did it?" "She just said something along the lines of 'my happy birthday wedgie'. Uh, Naruko, could you please let me down from here?"

"Oh sorry about that Hinata, here." Naruko said as she helped her friend down and untied her arms and legs. She had stared off into space for a moment in shock, had she really forgotten her best friends birthday? Sure, Hinata knew she was rather scatterbrained but to have forgotten this, she wouldn't forgive herself either. No wait, she could still salvage this! Sure, she didn't have a present but if she made this Hinata's happiest day ever...yes, she could totally do this.

"You know what Hinata, we should definitely get Hanabi back for this!" she said, slamming one fist into her other, open hand. "N-no, please don't worry about it, she was just having a bit of fun. "But still," she sighed heavily, "these are definitely ruined." Now that Naruko looked, the panties were definitely ruined beyond repair, they looked as if they were about to rip in two. "Guess I'll just have to throw them away." said Hinata despairingly. "Uh, Naruko, could you please look away while I get a change of clothes?"

"Of course Hina." said Naruko as she turned resolutely on the spot. Hinata also turned away from her friend and pulled off her pants. She sighed once more at her ruined panties and she made to pull them off. Naruko couldn't help it, this was too easy, she turned around just as her friend had slipped of her pants and was just about to pull off her panties. Naruko reacted instantly, and grabbed the panties herself, and began to pull as hard as she could, so hard in fact that she lifted her friend off the ground.

"Ah! N-Naruko-chan what are you doiiiing!!" said Hinata as she was caught off guard at being hoisted into the air by her own underwear once more. She had even began kicking her legs in her sudden surprise, which sadly, only served to pull her panties deeper into her rear.

"Aw, come on Hina, you were gonna throw 'em away in the first place, I'm just helping." said Naruko with a small laugh. And just as she finished the statement, the panties snapped in two and Hinata fell to the ground. Most people would have been mad if their friend had tried anything like that but by now Hinata knew better. Really, she should have expected something like this from her overzealous friend, besides she was definitely right when it came to the fact that she was just going to throw the panties away anyway. But that still hurt like hell! Especially after hanging on that hook for as long as she had had to endure.

She semi-unconsciously began to rub her sore rear. An action that was definitely not missed by Naruko who felt a small leak of blood had started to flow from out of her nose. She blushed and quickly threw the torn garment of cloth to her friend who was still laying on the floor, massaging her butt. "I'll leave you alone to change now Hinata." said Naruko as she rushed outside of the door and into the one of the many bathrooms around the compound, both hands on her nose, trying her best to stem the flow of blood.

She finally succeeded after what felt like hours of catching the blood into one of the big beige sinks that lined the farthest wall. She gave a sigh of relief and finally began to made her way out of the bathroom. She gave a sigh of relief, seriously, what was going on here? This day was becoming weird very fast. Then again, if anyone had done anything like that in front of her she wold have done the same thing...right?

She put the thought from her mind and tried to find her way back to Hinata's room. However Hinata herself appeared just around a corner, they stared at each other for a moment, both faces were rather red, for two very different reasons. 'Don't worry, she didn't see your nosebleed anyway.' Naruko mentally consoled herself. She was right, technically, she had nothing at all to worry about. Except for the whole pulling her friend's panties until they ripped of course.

"Look, Hinata, I'm really sorry, I just couldn't help myself."

"Naruko, it's fine, let's just get out of here, unless the reason you were here was to stay. In fact, what was the reason that you arrived here."

"Well obviously to celebrate your birthday, silly." said Naruko, thinking on her feet once more, a talent she had developed to an almost freighting level Well, at least when it came to her friend. "We're going for a trip around town, hit all your favorite spots, we should probably find Tenten as well, I'm sure she'll want to celebrate too, come on, let's go." She grabbed her friend's hand, and semi-dragged her from the compound and within minutes they were in the gigantic, bustling city once more. It took them only a few moments to find Tenten at the training grounds, where she was (how surprising) playing around with her weapons.

"Oh hello Hinata, Naruko! What're you guys doing here?" asked Tenten, finally looking away from her target, which looked like a voodoo doll. There were Kunai sticking into it from every imaginable angle on the doll. "Well, we need you or else we can't celebrate Hina's birthday effectively." said Naruko as Hinata nodded behind her her face slightly red from the way her friend was honoring her.

Tenten's face lit up at the mention of Hinata's birthday. "Oh yeah, It is your birthday today isn't it?" she said as she looked at Hinata. She quickly stepped over to her bag and pulled out a rather small box, a dainty bow resting atop it, and handed it to Hinata. "I wouldn't open it just yet, I don't even know if you'll like it, I made it myself..." Tenten stammered, but Hinata looked gratefully at the box and her friend. "I'm sure I'll love it Ten-chan, thank you."

Great, Tenten had remembered Hinata's birthday. Right now Naruko felt horrible, she had to do something to make up forgetting about her friend's birthday. Something she would never forget. And that's when she heard it.

"Ha! Fifty feet up the tree, beat that forehead!" said one victorious-sounding voice. That was Ino, definitely happy about something.

"Ha, just give me a moment, I'll get a hundred feet. Maybe if I didn't almost throw up after looking at you!" Shouted back another, more spiteful than the first. Sakura, definitely angry about something, if Naruko knew them, she was probably mad about what Ino was happy about. As per usual..

"Can't you two just give it a rest." said yet another one, this one sounded more annoyed than the first to. It took Naruko a bit longer to remember to whom this voice belonged. Temari, apparently on a mission from the sand, or just visiting. She seemed angry, but who wouldn't be if they listened to those two bickering?

And then Naruko was visited by a great idea. She knew that Hinata and Ino had gotten into a disagreement about some trivial thing. Ino was always a sore loser, and so she had gone and got some revenge in the form of publicly humiliating Hinata. Naruko had always wanted to get the pompous blond back for doing that to her friend. Not to mention that Tenten had always been mad at Temari after their skirmish at the chunin exams so long ago. As for herself, well it was always fun to annoy Sakura.

"Oi! Naruko-chan, what are you doing?" asked Tenten, she was looking at Naruko in a perplexed way, she must have been way too caught up in her own musings.

"I just figured out what we're doing for one of your presents Hinata."

"Naruko-chan are sure that this is such a good idea?" Hinata asked as she tried to convince her friend to forget this horrible plan.

"Hinata, it's just simple payback for what Ino did to you. Not to mention 'her'," said Naruko, giving a small nod towards Tenten who always got angry any time 'the name' was brought up.

"And what about Sakura-chan, she's usually nice." said Hinata, still trying to dissuade Naruko from this idea. "Maybe, but it's always fun to watch her get really mad." said Naruko with a mischievous grin. Great, now Naruko seemed to go through with this even more. Hinata sighed and rolled her eyes in defeat. Tenten was already on board for this, and even she had to admit that she would like to get Ino back. But still, this didn't seem like that great of an idea.

"Okay Tenten, Hinata and my targets are easy, but Temari-" Tenten gave a small growl at the name. Naruko almost laughed at how childish her friend always was at the mere mention of the sand kunoichi's name. Truth be told, she was starting to think that she really liked Temari and was trying to make it so no one noticed. "As I was saying 'she' wears a kinda one-piece, so you'll have to cut that red string that holds the whole thing together. Got it?"

"Hai!" said Tenten with a hint of excitement in her voice.

"How about you Hinata, we can't do it without the birthday girl." Hinata hesitated for just one moment more, would this really work? It could always end horribly. But then she saw both of her friends faces...

"Okay, let's do it. We'll show them not to mess with us!” Great, now she was acting just like Naruko.

"No way you'll be able to beat that forehead, all that training with Tsunade-Sama and nothing to show for it, ha!"

"Just give a second Pig, I can't concentrate with you squealing in my ear." said Sakura as she closed her eyes, and placed both of her hands together in an attempt to gather chakra. Ino, seeing this decided to try once more just to annoy her 'friend' and assumed a similar position.

"You know you can do it without the hand sign, you two just look like idiots." said Temari, but she was ignored as the two seemed wholeheartedly focused on gathering chakra. Temari sighed and began to stare at a tree in the clearing. Really, these two made horrible teachers.

Just then she noticed two figures sneaking up behind Sakura and Ino. Ah, what were their names? The blond was...Naruko, yeah, that was it. And the one with no pupils was Hinata. Naruko was sneaking very stealthily up behind Sakura, and Hinata up to Ino. It seemed Sakura and Ino were too lost in their chakra gathering to notice the invaders. She could always stop them or called out to the two idiots, but where the fun in that be? And then, without warning, when Naruko was only inches from Sakura she rushed forward quickly, grabbed the waistbands of her shorts and yanked them down to her feet.

"Ah, what the hell?!" screamed Sakura at the sudden lack of clothing around her thighs She attempted to take a step forward but only succeeded in falling on her face. Naruko starting laughing as loud as she could, which was very, very loud. This caused Ino to open her eyes. It took her a moment to register what had just happened, then her eyes lit up as she pointed mockingly at Sakura, completely not noticing Hinata.

"Ha, nice going Naruko," she said, staring down at Sakura's pink panties, patterned with small nurses bonnets. "And nice panties forehead, she said leaning over and slapping Sakura across the ass.

"Oww!" said Sakura jumping into the air from the ferocity of the swat. "That was not funny Ino, and Kami, that stings!" Ino was now laughing so hard that it was a feat that she actually managed to squeeze out a complete sentence. "That was definitely funny forehead, you're just mad it happened to you." And at that precise moment, thanks to Hinata, Ino's shorts ended up pooled around her feet.

"Ahh!" the loudest scream any of them had ever heard rent the air as Ino tried her best to cover her panties, but not before everyone close got a look at the words scattered throughout the. Well technically it was only one word written over and over again.

"'Sakura' huh," said Sakura as she took a step closer to read her friend's own panties, while pulling up her shorts. "Wow Ino, I didn't know you cared so much."

"I, t-they're not for y-you, there's just someone else named S-" said Ino as she hurriedly pulled up her pants, her face now beet red/

"Sure there is Ino."

"Who did that anyway?!" said Ino, looking around at the source of the ringing laughter that was now emitting from Naruko and Hinata, Not to mention Temari, who was now using one of the nearest trees as a support. "Hinata? Why would you do that to me?" asked Ino looking utterly perplexed. "Yeah right, I haven't forgotten when you pantsed me in public no less!" said Hinata, surprisingly, without stuttering. However her face was definitely tied with Ino's in redness.

"Oh yeah, now that was hilarious." said Ino, now taking her turn to laugh to laugh as Hinata's face only reddened more.

"And Naruko!" said Sakura as she turned on the person who had embarrassed her. "I am going to kill you!"

Naruko visibly paled.

"What? It was only a small joke Sakura, there's no need to get violent." she said, raising both hands in a sign of surrender. "Well, you guys have to admit, that was funny. Maybe if you two could have seen the look on your faces." said Temari, now recovering from her laughing session.

And then Tenten sliced right through the red tie of Temari's dress, causing the entire bottom portion of said dress to drop right off. Revealing midnight black panties accented with rather frillier lace than one might of thought that Sabaku no Temari would ever wear, decorated with miniature kunai. The entire forest erupted with renewed laughter. That is, all except one very red-faced sand kunoichi. And unlike the first two victims of the three, Temari had absolutely no way of pulling the tattered gown back up.

"Did our faces look anything like that Temari?" said Ino, it was amazing she was able to actually squeeze out a sentence from her position on the ground. Temari seemed not to hear Ino as she was much too busy trying to cover up her undergarment and glaring daggers at Tenten who was rolling around on the ground laughing at her embarrassed rival. Naruko was also laughing, except for the fact that she was just doubled over, holding her stomach in agony. Sakura noticed this, Naruko wasn't watching her back. She sneaked around behind Naruko and grinned.

"Ah!" a loud scream echoed all around the clearing. Everyone's attention snapped over to where Naruko was now being held in the air by her underwear, a grinning Sakura holding them. Naruko was completely surprised, sure Sakura always found a way to get her back but usually she would just use regular violence. Naruko could not remember a time when Sakura had sunk to her level. And she had to admit, she hated it. This hurt a lot more than the usual things Sakura did, and it was ten times more embarrassing.

"Wow, nice panties Naruko." said Ino, commenting on the vibrant orange undergarment that had caught the sunlight and were now sparkling like diamonds. Very orange diamonds. "You know Ino, I believe that we should put aside our competition for now," she said as she gave a small yank to Naruko's undies, causing her to give a high-pitched yelp. "I have a great idea."

Then a similar scream split the air, and every eye then turned to face Tenten, who also being held in the air with her undergarment, by Temari, who seemed even more happy than Sakura. "Hmm, very nice." said Temari through a laugh as she looked at the panties of her captive. They were a dark brown and decorated with miniature, white panda heads that stood out spectacularly against the brown. "I don't see any use for you to have these. But I believe I could put them to good use." said Temari as she used her free hand to pull off Tenten's pants.

"H-hey, give those back!" said Tenten as she began to try and kick but Temari just held her at arms length and Tenten succeeded only in lodging the panties further into her own rear and so she stopped almost as soon as she had started.

And just as soon, a third screech split the air, and once again all heads turned to face the screamer. Hinata was now also being held in the air by her panties. Naruko now definitely felt sorry for her, It wasn't that the thing in general was happening to her, it was more the choice of panties Hinata had chosen. They were, for lack of a better phrase, 'little girl underwear'. Traditional white with patterns of purple flowers inlaid into the fabric. Naruko had never heard such loud laughter, which was saying something. And she had definitely never seen Hinata's face such a deep shade of red. Now that was definitely saying something.

"So what was that plan of yours, Sakura?" asked Temari, still holding Tenten at arms length and periodically giving her panties a small tug. Sakura grinned, closed her eyes for a moment and then ran straight at the bulkiest tree she could immediately spot. And then directly up said tree. With Naruko's panties still in her hand. "Follow me!" Sakura yelled down at her friends. These words were coupled with Naruko's echoing screams.

Fifteen minutes from then Naruko, Tenten and Hinata all found themselves all hanging by their panties, from tree branches a few feet above the ground as Temari, Ino and Sakura sat on top of said tree branch, admiring their handiwork.

"Wow, this was actually a great idea forehead."

"Thank you Ms. piggy." Sakura shot back.

"Just one thing," piped up Temari, causing the other two to look over at her. "Their panties aren't going to last forever, eventually they're going to snap." She was definitely correct, the three girl's panties' fabric had almost all been ripped out by their weight being dragged to earth. "Oh yeah, 'bout time this came in handy." she said as she began making hand signs at top speed, the others watching carefully. She finally slammed her hand down on the waistband of Naruko's panties that hung at the top of the branch. "What was that for?" asked Naruko, turning her gaze upwards to see exactly what Sakura had done.

"That was a strengthening jutsu, which means" she gestured to Naruko's waistband, "that won't be snapping until I undo it, or it wears off, but that would take about a year. It would probably be best if you two do that to your victim's." Sakura said, turning to address Ino and Temari.

The jutsu was quickly applied to Hinata and Tenten's waistband. "You can't keep us here for much longer." called Tenten from where she hang on the branch. "And just why is that?" asked Ino.

"Take a look over there." said Tenten, nodding to a point a few yards away. Everyone turned to look to where Tenten nodded to and there stood Kurenai Yuhi, jounin sensei of squad nine. Looking directly at the strange scene in front of her. Sakura, Temari and Ino all jumped down simultaneously to face meet the weirded out sensei. "And just what is going on here?" she asked, a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Well, uh, sensei, you see, Naruko, Hinata and Tenten, uh...they..." Sakura's face reddened, she never imagined she would have to explain anything like this to one of her sensei's.

"They pulled our pants down. Not to mention, ripped the bottom part of mine completely off." Temari finished for her, her face a similar shade of red.

"I see, so you thought it a good idea to get your revenge by doing...this?"

"Well... yes." said Sakura simply.

Kurenai merely sighed, and put her hand to her head. "How about we just let them down and forget this whole thing ever happened?" It was only now that Sakura and Temari realized the absence of Ino, just in time for a kunai to appear from nowhere and (much like what happened to Temari) cut off the bottom portion of Kurenai's dress. Thus revealing white granny panties with a pattern of roses dancing around them. And just like all the other times this had happened, it took them a few seconds before Kurenai registered what had just happened.

No one who was in this clearing had ever seen a sensei's face so red. Everyone in the clearing eye's were now as large as orbs at the spectacle of what had just happened. As Kurenai tried desperately to cover up the sight from them. She whirled completely around to face the person who dared do this to her.

"And just what the hell was that?!" Shouted Kurenai, yet for all her rank she could not keep a note of embarrassment entering her voice. "I, uh...I don't know what I was thinking sensei." said Ino, feigning her own fright and embarrassment.

"I'll have you know, that we will be having a long talk about this later Ino!" Kurenai was still shouting in anger and embarrassment, but she still bent down to retrieve the tattered half of her dress. Ino immediately directed her gaze to Sakura and gave her a quick wink. Sakura did it without thinking, she did it barely knowing what she was thinking. She quickly reached forward and grabbed the waistband of her sensei's panties and yanked as hard as she could. And much like the countless other who the same fate had befallen today, the outcome was the same.

"Ah-AH! S-Sakura what the hell do you think you are doing?!" Sakura was rather scared for a second, she was doing this to a jounin sensei, and yet this was definitely funny. She slowly began to lift the cloth up and down, bouncing the poor jounin. Eliciting many delicious screams from Kurenai.

"Hmm, very nice," commented Temari as she picked up the bottom part of Kurenai's gown. "And I think I just found a way to make it even better. Ino, you think you could hold her legs together?"

Ino hurried over behind the still-bouncing Kurenai and held her legs as close and tight together as she could. Kurenai tried her best to kick free, however Ino proved to be too strong and her legs remained firmly in place. Sadly however, Sakura did not stop her rhythmic lifting and lowering of Kurenai's panties, in fact, it seemed this actually spurred her on as she begun pulling much harder before, which elicited howls of pain from the very embarrassed jounin.

Temari had set to work with a kunai and had cut multiple pieces of the Jounin's gown away. And bent down to where Ino now held the struggling kunoichi's legs together, she quickly tied the fabric in the most intricate of knots that she knew around the woman's ankles. Kurenai redoubled her efforts to get free, mostly at the injustice of having her own gown used to bind her.

"Good, now let's get her hands." said Ino, delight was evident in her voice. The process was quickly repeated around her wrists, and finally, they tied it around her mouth to act as a makeshift gag. "Great going guys, now let's top this off." said Sakura as she glued her feet to the tree once again.

"MMMMPH!" was all that was heard from the jounin, as she was then placed next to the right of Naruko on the branch. And once again Sakura made the hand sighs appropriate for the strengthening jutsu. Ino let out a small laugh as she admired this great handiwork. "So what should we do now?"

"Well we should probably tie up our other victims." Temari offered helpfully. And so, they found themselves a few minutes later, four kunoichi's backsides facing them, all bound, all gagged, all hanging by a tree by their panties.

"Perfect," said Ino, now literally bouncing on the heels of her feet in delight. "But now what should we do, it just feels like somethings missing from this." she said as she stared at their four captives in puzzlement, there was silence around the clearing for a moment, not counting the muffled shouts from said four women. "I think I just got a great idea." said Temari as she suddenly looked up, a mischievous grin spreading across her face as she hefted her giant fan onto her shoulder and turned to her two partners in crime.

"Okay, each of you, try lifting this." she said as she offered her giant, iron fan to each. Sakura had no trouble and even Ino met only minor difficulties. "So what exactly was the point of that?" asked Sakura in confusion.

"You'll see, I believe we should each get five on the person who pantsed us."

"Five what?" asked Sakura, now completely lost to her friend's logic. Temari seemed not to care as she took a step forward so that she was standing a few feet in behind of Tenten, who was now peering over her own shoulder to see exactly what Temari was doing. In fact all eyes were now focused on Temari and her fan. Temari now seemed to be lining something up in her mind, and then, without warning, she pulled the fan back as far as she could and swung forward.


"MMMMPHHH!" came the muffled shriek from Tenten, and even the others had flinched at the impact of the blow to Tenten's rear. Sakura took a step further to look at the damage done, she could barely believe it, one swing and Tenten's butt had already turned a faint pink. Sakura could even see the beginning of tears starting to form in Tenten's eyes.

"Wow, nice swing Temari. I never knew you were that strong!" The fan swung forward again, and again another loud WHACK sounded around the clearing, followed by a loud "MMMPPHH" from Tenten.

"Thanks, you get to be pretty strong when you're forced to lug this thing around." And then, very suddenly, three loud whacks sounded off, almost simultaneously, to put it simply, this caught Tenten off guard completely. Loud wails of pain issued from behind the makeshift gag, followed by what was the unmistakable sound of crying.

"Well, looks like your turn Ino." said Temari, who now handed the giant fan to the blond, who now wore an expression of complete evil on her face. "Remember, just five." reminded Temari. However Ino seemed not to be listening at the prospect of what she was about to do, not to mention, right in front of a teacher. She very calmly and very menacingly walked over to Hinata's wedgied behind.

"Just one adjustment to make Little Hina-chan." she said mockingly as she moved over to the heiress and grabbed the babyish panties and gave them a few tugs to make sure all the fabric was lodged completely up Hinata's rear. Hinata gave a few squeals and looked back at her antagonist, silently pleading with her to stop. Was this really necessary? Hadn't she already humiliated her enough? And then Ino took a few steps back, made sure she had lined up the fan just right, and let it fly.


Hinata realized that she had never, ever, in her whole life, been in this much pain, or experienced this much humiliation all at once, she had always been a well-behaved child, and had never actually done much to warrant a spanking. And it was because of this knowledge (not to mention the overwhelming pain) that she immediately began crying.

Wow, that's all it took to make you cry? Man you're pathetic." said Ino with a laugh as she began raining four more blows onto Hinata's already pink behind and before they knew it, Hinata was crying her heart out right in the middle of the forest, along with Tenten. Their voice's were also joined with the sound of Ino's laughs as she handed the fan to her pink-haired accomplice. "Here you go Forehead, have fun." "Trust me Ino, I will." said Sakura, in a voice that was definitely enough to chill Naruko to the spine.

She had felt sad enough at the fact that it was her fault that she had gotten her friends, not to mention a Jounin that she liked, into this horrible situation. And as an added bonus all this had to happen on her friend's birthday. But now she felt only one thing; fear. Sakura always said that she would get Naruko back for every prank she pulled and every time that Naruko had annoyed her, and she had always managed to make good on her promise. She could only imagine haw bad this was going to hurt, well if Hinata or Tenten's screams of pain were any indicator...


She had not been paying attention and had not even noticed Sakura's position, which just happened to be right behind her, holding that giant, evil fan of Temari's. And now she felt a tremendous pain burning it's way across her ass. And it was also now that she realized the genius behind the three of them hanging them all from this tree by their underwear and spanking them. It came with the added bonus that when the spanking was delivered, the wedgie was magnified in discomfort almost tenfold, which coupled itself with the tremendous pain...


And once again another swat was delivered to her behind, actually causing her to squeal this time, instead of growing more fatigued like a normal person, Sakura seemed to be becoming bolder as she went on. And to top it all off, she could feel a growing pressure pressing down on her eyes, coupled with the feeling of gathering water behind them. 'Oh please tell me I'm not going to cry!' she inwardly pleaded with herself. She had been through much worse then this in her life, right? She wasn't just going to cry in front of everyone like this was she?


And then it happened, right as the third swat landed she couldn't take anymore, her ass was stinging way too much and she could no longer hold back the tears, nor even the wails of pain that now burst from her. The final two whack landed in the same fashion, causing her even more tears and screeching from the defenseless Naruko. She could only be thankful that this horrible torment was now completely over...she hopped...

"So what do you think we should do with Kurenai?" asked Ino, now that Sakura had stopped her assault on Naruko's rear and had rejoined the other two and had returned Temari's fan to it's owner. "Well, the way I see it, a Jounin is supposed to be equivalent to three Genin, right?"

An evil smirk had now appeared on Ino's face and she immediately pulled the fan from its master's hand. "I see where you're going Temari, so I'll of course, be going first. As she said it, she had started running toward the genjutsu user and, still carrying her momentum, swung with all her might. Said genjutsu user was now staring wide-eyed at all three of the women who dared do this, to a teacher no less!

And once more, a loud WHACK was heard throughout the entire clearing, signaling the coming of no less than fourteen more swats to the very unlucky sensei's rear. The terrible thrashing went on for no less that ten entire minutes. Every swat the fan would switch hands, from Ino, to Sakura and then to Temari, every time all three did their best to outdo the other in a contest of who could hit hardest. Which led to one weeping jounin still hanging from the tree by her undergarments, all sense of pride and dignity forgotten around the third swing.

"Well, that was fun," said Sakura, wiping a bit of sweat from her forehead as she talked, "so what should we do with them now guys?"

"Leave 'em like this. That jutsu of yours can't stay active forever right?" came Ino's reply

"True." piped up Temari as she began to walk away.

"Come on Sakura." said Ino as she began to follow the older woman.

"Coming...Pig." said Sakura as she began to walk away. Then she decided to leave them with one last thing. She gathered as much chakra as she could muster into her hand and turned to face Naruko, Hinata and Tenten and gave each one of the strongest swats she could manage. Causing each to give another muffled gasp and scream. "See ya later." Sakura said as she heard the four women cry their eyes out and try their best to sooth their very, very sore rear's.

"We should do something like this again." Sakura heard Ino say as she ran to catch to her friends. Yes, this was rather fun, finally teaching Naruko the lesson that had been coming to her for years of annoying her. And she definitely wanted to do this again, who else annoyed her...and her friend's she guessed. Suddenly she completely stopped walking completely, which prompted her two companions to look back at her."You know,...I think I have a great idea." said Sakura as the same malicious grin that Ino had once worn appeared upon her own visage, another horrible plan coming to form in her mind.
Part one of three.

And yes, this story features Naruko instead of Naruto, Naruko is the sexy jutsu form of Naruto.

Written for SagashiIndustries


Updated, there are actually three parts...yeah.
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